A fun sophisticated logo for 3 geeks who teach others to program via episodes on a podcast

We had a contest for a fun logo related to our radio show / podcast that is about computer programming. Along the way as we received a number of designs we continually updated our design brief to get people to try new ideas or directions. One of the directions we gave was to have someone trying to chisel away at a block of ice or stone and have some code coming out of it. glasshopperart was the first one to take a "swing" at this particular idea and really created an image that portrayed everything we asked for - fun, tech, craftsman-like. It was just excellent. Every revision we asked for along the way was met with kindness and quick turn around. We are located in the United states and he is in Bulgaria and even with the timezone differences we always received a prompt response from him. His work was impeccable and his attention to even the smallest details was extraordinary.

Additionally, his English was excellent so communicating our ideas was very easy.

Honestly this experience was better than we had hoped for. glasshopperart made this as stress free as possible and produced brilliant work. I would happily contact them again for more design work in the future.

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