Whether you’re a well established brand like Cheetohs or a startup trying to get its foot in the door, one thing is for sure – company mascots can make a long-standing impression on consumers if done right.

The cereal industry discovered the power of impressionable mascot design long ago. Everyone knows which cereals Tony the Tiger, Tricks the Rabbit and Lucky the Leprechaun represent.


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Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes); Tricks the Rabbit (Trix); Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms)
Mascots help give a company a face and personality. Take a look at some of our favorite mascots designed on 99designs, then enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win a free mascot design!


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Bunk mascot design: Vidakovic

New Zealand discount service for backpackers, bunk, requested a cheeky New Zealand-related mascot design to appeal to their target audience of young and daring adults. The derpy-looking sheep mascot embodies the fun, jokey-spirited company. And it has been rumored that there are seven sheep to every person in New Zealand, so the character makes for a fun national reference.


DealSmarter mascot design: Agrii

DealSmarter.com is a discount site that offers a deal a day (think LivingSocial or Groupon). The company hopes to emphasize the fact “that the [DealSmarter] deal will be a ‘smarter’ choice over other deal sites for both the merchant offering the deal…and the customer purchasing the deal.” That’s why they chose a professor mascot, symbolizing the wise choices consumers make when they choose to use DealSmarter.

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ReddyYeti mascot design: Sonia Lorenz

ReddyYeti defines their target audience as outdoorsy people who enjoy action sports. The company originated as a winter sports equipment company catering to the American market with plans to expand their product offerings to other active sports like skateboarding, mountain biking and surfing. Their yeti mascot serves as just the adventuresome spirit animal their target audience can relate to.


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InsuranceMonster mascot design: deDORARPOL

InsuranceMonster is not your regular old insurance company, and they want to make that very clear. Just check out info from their brief: “This is NOT your mother’s insurance company; we want your mom’s insurance company to cross to the other side of the road when it sees us strutting down the road. We want other insurance companies to pee on themselves a little when we walk by.” Their mascot design conveys traits that traditional insurance logos do not – hip, fun and playful – all depicted by their adorable dino mascot.

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