One of the most amazing things about our designer community is their passion, and willingness, to help each other succeed. Recently, 5-year web designer Ananya Roy reached out asking for an opportunity to share his 99designs experiences with his peers. Ananya explained further:

“As a successful designer on 99designs, it’s my responsibility to share my success formula with others. This community has given me money, fame, identity, a client base and so much more. Now it’s my turn to return the favor, and at the very least I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with others. The more we share, the more we help enrich ourselves and each other.”

And share he has! Ananya explains how YOU can succeed in the design contest marketplace, with a totally AWESOME infographic. Check it out, and be sure to share a few tips of your own:

99 infographic

A huge THANK YOU to Ananya Roy for inspiring and motivating 99designers all over the globe!

Do you have any tips or suggestions for success?