Last month, 99designs launched a sweepstakes to celebrate our expansion of 1-to-1 Projects. During this period, we saw a great amount of follow-on work with nearly 1,200 projects completed and paid — woowee!

All designers made some money, but one designer in particular is $1,000 richer! We’d like to send a big congratulations to designer ann@ for being the winner of 99designs 1-to-1 Sweepstakes!

1-to-1 Sweepstakes Winner

You can view the drawing here.

Unfamiliar with 1-to-1 Projects? It’s the ultimate online workspace where designers can:

  • Invoice clients who request follow-on work.
  • Upload design files.
  • Receive feedback and revision requests.
  • Get paid when the project is completed.

Payment is secure, design files and all communication is stored indefinitely and in one place. And now, you can start a project with any user on 99designs regardless if you’ve worked with them before. So don’t forget… use 1-to-1 when you land your next project!

Visit our 1-to-1 Projects FAQs.