Hello 99designs community!

Today is a big day for 99designs. We’re excited to announce our first ever acquisition and with it our new European headquarters!

Berlin-based 12designer the leading creative design marketplace in Germany, is now part of the 99designs family. The acquisition is an important step forward in our mission to deliver the best platform for graphic design services in the world.

Germany is 99design’s top non-English language market and, along with its European neighbors, one of our fastest growing. 12designer and 99designs operate with similar design contest models. However, 99designs connects businesses and designers in more than 160 countries through a truly global English-language platform, while 12designer is focused on providing services to European clients and designers in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English.

The skilled 12designer team, the new staffers we plan to bring on board in Berlin, and the talented 12designer community of more than 22,000 creative design professionals, will help 99designs localize our services for our European customers and deliver more opportunity for all in the months ahead.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming 12designer Founder and CEO Eva Missling and her wonderful team to 99designs. I’m in Berlin celebrating with them right now. Meanwhile, our teams in San Francisco and Melbourne have been celebrating, too – check out the video below for a glimpse of just how excited we all are.


Patrick Llewellyn, CEO 99designs