When Fingerboards company Phancy Fingers launched an illustration contest on our site, they were blown away with loads of energetic and edgy designs. See which illustrations 99designers liked the best in our most recent “like” challenge.

Most-liked design

Design by Cameleon Designs

“This is the winner because the photos that were picked are amazing and the cut of the faces and characters is the best. It feels like once you use those boards you are going to have an adventure exactly like in the movies.”

-Eman El Baradei (mon 573)

“These designs exhibit good typography and good illustrations — they just look awesome!”

– Irvan Ramdani (pecellele*)

“I like the face of the characters, details and colors.”

-Eko Nugroho Septiyanto (byX)

“It’s very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Henky Zepplyn (ZEPPLYN)

Close runners-up

Design by Seven Kingdom

“The designs are very intriguing, they all individually stand out. Great use of colors and use of lines. The clown like skull is very well painted. I really love this entry.”

-Kevin Reyes (Reyes Innovative)

“Simple, clean, visually appealing designs. Fresh, colorful. Every deck is different but overall movement follows one line.”

-Vladimir Trajanovski (375)

“Wow… so many great designs here but I only have 1 choice. The shape and coloring matches skateboarding themes (extreme & youth).”

-Muhamad Muasz (nextdoorneighbor)

“I like the clean, graphic, vector style.”

-Glen Davidson (spinpatrol)

Design by Maayan’s Garage™

“Simple, fun and I love the color scheme too.”

– Sani Sanjaya (uyunq)

Design by Aleksandar K.

Design by twicolabs

“Kick butt designs.. Awesome.”

-Nico Strike (Nico Strike*)

Design by Seven Kingdom

Thanks to the designers who shared their thoughts and hats off to the winners! To see these designs, and more 99designer favorites, check out our “Liked” designs at 99 Pinterest board.

Which one of these Phancy Fingers fingerboard designs do you like?